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There are some facts and stats that, no matter how innocuous, just seem to stay with you. Like how a footballer has just been purchased for £200m and that ‘facetious’ is the only word in the English language to accommodate all the vowels in alphabetical order. I picked up another gem the other day, with which I have since regaled most of the people I chatted to the following week. And it is this: YO! Sushi purchases 300,000 kilos of salmon for £4.5m every year. Wallop. Have some of that. Most casual diners will be able to assume that the sushi business deals with pretty substantial fish volumes, but when you’re presented with such numbers, it’s hard not to be somewhat astonished.

Rowland's YO!

When Robin Rowland returned as CEO of YO! Sushi in 2015, he set about restoring its product, property, people and promotion.

Just keep swimming

Reel in your catch of the day and win over your guests hook, line and sinker.