Video: Pepsi Max Meet Up puts spotlight on cola cocktails

Video: Pepsi Max Meet Up puts spotlight on cola cocktails

In October, the Pepsi Max Meet Up took place in Leeds to give casual dining operators some clarity on cola and the role that it can play in cocktails when paired with various spirits and garnishes.

Hosted by Pepsi MAX and Casual Dining Magazine at The Hedonist Project, the event saw guests take part in taste tests to compare the flavour profiles of different colas, followed by sampling signature serves and trying their hand at making cocktails themselves.

Cocktails included Summit of 72, which saw Pepsi MAX mixed with Stolichnaya Stoli and vanilla vodka, topped with vanilla ice cream and garnished with a sprig of mint; Brad’s Ice Tea, which combines Pepsi MAX with bourbon, Teisseire cherry syrup, lemon juice, lemon peel and ice cubes; and the Cuban Seltzer, which pairs Pepsi MAX with rum, fresh lime wedges and a sprig of mint.

“The aim of our MAX Meet Ups is to inspire and educate casual dining operators on the versatility of Pepsi MAX,” says Pepsi MAX brand manager Sarah De La Mare.

“As well as being completely sugar free and tapping into the health trend, the caramel undertones in MAX make it the ideal mixer for cocktails as it really brings out the flavour of the spirits, rather than masking the taste as some other mixers do.

“By demonstrating how to create a stunning serve or great tasting cocktail with MAX that can be perfectly paired with a variety of foods, we can really show just how easy it can be to wow customers and increase your profit potential at the same time.”