Branded hospitality apps up 400%

Branded hospitality apps up 400%

There’s been a rise of 400% in the number of hospitality brands developing their own apps over the last 12 months, according to data from Zonal.

In Zonal’s GO Technology report, 82% of 5,000 British adults revealed that they are more likely to use a restaurant’s own app than a third-party provider.

Almost a quarter of 18 to 34-year-olds said that a lack of trust was their biggest barrier to share their data and engage with a brand, but 72% are more willing in return for instant offers.

Speed is still the key driver for diners to use their mobile device to pre-order and pay for their meal, with 36% of respondents citing this as the main reason for using an app, followed by convenience during busy times at 22%.

That being said, almost 40% said that ordering with a staff member is their preferred method of ordering and paying.

“Feedback from GO Technology shows that mobile ordering and payment are now mainstream and will continue to grow,” says Olivia Fitzgerald, managing director of Zonal’s Marketing Technologies. “It’s no coincidence that operators want a slice of the action, with trust and control being key drivers whereby they can surprise, delight and engage consumers directly with their brand.

“They are looking for smartly branded apps that deliver tangible benefits for their customers, from making a reservation to ordering and paying for food and drink ‘virtually’, to personalised offers and rewards, that in turn drive revenue in a more convenient, fun and appealing way.”