375,000 hospitality positions to fill in 2018

375,000 hospitality positions to fill in 2018

There are 250,000 roles needed to be filled in restaurants and cafés in 2018, and a further 125,000 in bars, pubs and clubs, according to new research from SkillSnap and the University of Cambridge.

High staff turnover and expected freedom of movement restrictions anticipated by Brexit have been blamed for such figures.

The findings suggest a need for matching algorithms – modern technology putting the right candidate, position and company together.

“It’s a major crisis for both small independents and large hospitality chains,” says SkillSnap founder Ben Aymé.

“The CV is 500 years old. It is a flat, un-read, old-fashioned document completely unsuited to the needs of the modern post-digital economy.

“Our mission is to make it as easy and cost effective as possible to get the right employer and employee fit to ensure that not only is the job filled but that the person remains in that employment for as long as possible.”

Researchers also found that businesses were having to sell themselves. Making a business look good in a user-friendly showcase was crucial to attracting new staff.