Beer For That evolves in response to beer duty threat

Beer For That evolves in response to beer duty threat

Following a strategic review, the cross-industry consumer organisation There’s A Beer For That is evolving into a new campaign with a revised emphasis to address the impact of high beer duty.

The new campaign will consist of consumer and trade-facing initiatives that highlight the many positive aspects of beer, and raise awareness of the threats of planned year-on-year beer duty increases. It aims to galvanise beer drinkers, restaurant goers and industry staff in record numbers, to protect their way of life and lobby their MPs. The industry will continue to work together and fund the programme, following the successful model created by There’s A Beer For That.

The campaign’s singular mission will be to stop the impact of high beer duty. There are fears that unless action is taken now, increases could lead to lower beer sales, more pub closures and loss of jobs.

“It is right that we react to the changing issues and threats the industry faces and, having reviewed the campaign objectives in the context of the historic and future planned duty increases that have devastated the beer and pub industry, we must turn our attention to addressing these threats,” says David Cunningham, programme director of There’s A Beer For That.

“All campaigns need to change and adapt to the changing needs of consumers and the industry. I’m proud that There’s A Beer For That has delivered such impressive results and proven that the industry is better off working together collaboratively to tackle category-wide challenges. This gives us an excellent foundation to combine the resource, expertise and learning from the campaign together with the strength of previous lobbying activity from the BBPA and its partners, which will allow us to create something new, exciting and highly impactful. Working with all trade bodies and the wider community, we will create a strong communication platform to raise awareness of the great economic and social benefits the beer and pub industry brings, and give it the credit that our European counterparts give their hospitality businesses.”

Final details of the scope and funding of the new project will be announced in the first quarter of 2018.