Gusto raises over £50,000 for Tim Bacon Foundation

Gusto raises over £50,000 for Tim Bacon Foundation

Gusto has raised more than £50,000 for the Tim Bacon Foundation through diner donations across its 19 sites in January.

As co-founder and chairman of Living Ventures, Bacon is credited with establishing national brands such as Gusto, The Alchemist, The Botanist and Living Room. He passed away in April 2016 and the Tim Bacon Foundation was set up to support cancer charities and the new Proton Bream Therapy Centre at The Christie Manchester, the first of its kind in the UK.

“I want to thank our customers so much for donating so generously!” says Gusto managing director Sue Crimes.

“Tim’s legacy lives on in everything we do at Gusto. Tim was pioneering, passionate and above all brave. We wanted to celebrate Tim’s contribution in establishing Gusto by asking our diners for a small donation.

“It was an outstanding testament to his legacy that more than 50,000 Gusto diners across the UK each donated. I cannot thank everyone who has supported this enough; it has been so humbling to receive such goodwill from so many people!

“Tim would have been thrilled to hear that the high-energy proton beam therapy centre run by the NHS will open at the Christie Hospital in Manchester this year, allowing patients in the UK to access an important treatment for life-threatening cancers.

“Every penny counts and the money raised at Gusto will help make a huge difference to cancer patients. I am so grateful to the Gusto staff and customers for helping to raise such a significant amount.”