Tabun Kitchen launches Ramadan menu

Tabun Kitchen launches Ramadan menu

Jerusalem Palestinian-inspired Soho restaurant Tabun Kitchen is launching a special late-night Ramadan Iftar menu for customers to break the fast between 15 May and 14 June.

The menu, designed for two people at £40 per person, offers five courses, beginning with apricot juice, dates and freekeh soup.

There’s also a selection of mezze, maneesh – Palestinian pizza – and fatet jaj chicken – a lemon chicken served with chilli, toasted pine nuts and sautéed garlic.

Guests can finish their meal with an akkawi cheese and kataifi pastry called knafeh or the rose-scented milk pudding muhulabieh.

Tabuk Kitchen is open seven days a week from 12pm to 11pm.

“We welcome everyone, whether you are observing the fast or not, to try our traditional Iftar feast,” says Tabun Kitchen founder Hanan Kattan. “We hope you will enjoy the warmth of traditional Palestinian hospitality in a relaxed, modern setting.”