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Money, money, money

It may not be the reason that you got into this business, but the subject of money is bound to take up a lot of your working day, no matter what your priorities are. High rents, increasing wages, the falling pound, the rising pound, opening a new restaurant – the costs in this sector, whether under your control or not, seems to have been the hottest topic of the year. Especially as these costs have been largely blamed for crippling some businesses. For others, money has been less of a sore subject, as news of investments continue to trickle in and like-for-like sales even beg the question: “Who exactly is eating out less?!”

From Brazil to Birmingham

Tomas Maunier discusses impacts on the industry as he opens his fifth Fazenda.

Expresso yourself with hot beverages

When opportunity knocks for tea and coffee occasions, encouraging customers to choose you becomes the biggest challenge.