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Watch your waste line

Last July, I joined a few hundred thousand people from around the world in challenging myself to go through a whole month without purchasing any single-use plastics. ‘Plastic-Free July’ was new to me, but I gave it go and, as you’d imagine, it wasn’t easy. All of my go-to supermarket staples were pretty much out the window – salad bags, herbs, kitchen roll, fizzy water, cucumber, tomatoes, tea bags… the list was long and frustrating. “Oh, you know what, I’m shattered and just fancy a bowl of pasta with a readymade sauce tonight.” Tough! No plastic = no convenience for you, my friend. Click here to keep reading.

Restaurant review: Silo

Having moved to east London’s Crate Brewery in November last year, Casual Dining Magazine booked in to Silo to experience what could possibly be the restaurant model of the future.

The Butterfly Effect: Adam Handling interview

We catch up with chef Adam Handling to talk about zero waste, TripAdvisor and, of course, that elusive Michelin star…