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Not a very warm welcome

The introduction to each issue of a magazine serves as the editor’s welcome to the reader, setting them up for the pages ahead. Similar to, but maybe not as warm as, the welcome one may hope to receive when entering a restaurant. A smile on the face of the person who greets you and a willingness to make your experience as enjoyable as possible. While I’ve always appreciated the team members who wait on us – saying my pleases and thank-yous (even a few sorrys just for being there – I am British, after all) – I never thought it took that much of a special person to be nice, friendly and hospitable. Surely, these traits can be found in the average person?

Lead interview: Dishoom

The brains behind the popular Bombay brand discuss changing perceptions, industry pressures and their take on that breakfast bap.

Design giving restaurants a new lease of life

Charlotte Mellor looks at how relaxed eateries and more high-end establishments are revamping their interiors to stay ahead.