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Keep on keeping on

Much of the conversation within this issue is influenced by the events of months gone by, which seems appropriate as we near the end of 2018 and gear up for what 2019 has to offer. After a warmer-than-usual summer, the cold weather has begun to set in. This chilliness is a cue for the end of the year, which has been an active one, to say the least. It has brought us promising solutions to the damaging use of single-use plastics, with operators responding accordingly; and a bigger focus on British produce, particularly with the warning that we may have to start stockpiling food in order to survive Brexit, which we have the pleasure of next year.

Operator interview: Cut + Grind

Cut + Grind owner Paschalis Loucaides reveals what it takes to be a National Burger Awards winner.

Trail of breadcrumbs: sourcing in restaurants

Be honest about the origins of the food you serve so your brand doesn’t seem like a fairy tale to customers.