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The meat of the matter

As Extinction Rebellion continues its mission to save the planet, the mindset of the UK population is shifting and, whether you agree with their methods and messages or not, this affects the way people are eating out. I’ve been on a couple of climate emergency marches, so one could say I support the lengths activists have gone to in order to raise awareness of the trouble the earth is in. But then, just two weeks later, I was on an 11-hour flight to San Francisco to study a few hospitality operations in northern California (page 20), which included eating a few burgers. So, I guess that would make me a hypocrite? Or a ‘conscious consumer’, if you’re being polite.

National Burger Awards interview - Squeezed in Bristol

As entries open for the 2020 National Burger Awards, Alex Hayes, owner of Squeezed in Bristol, talks to Casual Dining Magazine about his award-winning burger joint.

Hopping on The Dip trip - a California diary

After a recent visit to California, Casual Dining Magazine reports back on some F&B observations from San Francisco and Petaluma.