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One step forward, two steps back?

The UK is watching, agape, as the hospitality industry bears the brunt of government restrictions amid rising Covid-19 infection rates. But can these increased measures contain the contagious, indefatigable passion for restaurant businesses? I think not.

Journeying through a pandemic is often a case of one step forward, two steps back. On the day I sat down to sum up this month in the casual dining sector, it was announced restaurants in England are to undergo increased restrictions on service for at least the next six months (with similar enforcements around the UK)... continue reading

Matrix Revolution: restaurant tech and delivery

The global pandemic has put restaurants’ dependency on technology into hyperdrive, but how far can the digital realm go to support businesses, as the government guidelines within which they operate are redefined?

The Wild Side Hustle: Mac & Wild interview

The last six months may have been saturated with dystopian imagery – think barren streets ripped straight from a novel’s pages and enough Black Mirror-esque headlines to make Charlie Brooker spit out his cereal – but even an unpredictable and deadly virus could not dampen the thriving entrepreneurial spirit of the UK’s restaurant industry.