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Hi, tech!

I have to admit it – I am a part of the generation that struggles to leave their smartphone alone for longer than, say, an hour. Even that might be pushing it. I keep it on the table when eating out and, should the food and drinks put before me look the part, I use it to take a picture to post onto social media at a later date. The fact that I wait until after the meal is over to go on Instagram is actually something I’m pretty proud of. First and foremost, I am in a restaurant to be fed and watered and in no way do I want my desire to show off my meal to be the reason that I don’t enjoy it at its best.

Technically speaking

How does a restaurant of the future back in 2008 keep up with the pace of technological progression today?

Better connected

From taking payment via Facebook Messenger to tracking what customers are ordering and how often, here’s to running a restaurant in the modern age.