Sponsored story: Temper and technology

Sponsored story: Temper and technology

Open-fire restaurant Temper has installed QSR Automations ConnectSmart Kitchen (CSK) from CST into its new London city site. With Temper Soho operating without the technology, managing director Sam Lee reveals how she plans to put it into good use and the difference it’s already making.

How are you currently working with the ConnectSmart Kitchen technology?

We’ve just got CSK in our City site; we don’t have any in Soho. It’s still relatively new for us, so I think we have yet to unleash its full potential, but in terms of what it’s done for us, it’s critical. We have an open kitchen in the City site, which is in the middle of the restaurant and it’s a peculiar shape, so the chefs can’t shout at each other from one end of the kitchen to the other. In terms of them understanding their section when they’re prepping to be ready and when their meals are going to service – it’s absolutely critical.

How has it benefitted the restaurant?

With regards to the speed of service, it’s helped immensely – it definitely allows us to be more timely. It’s helped with communication across the kitchen, and because it’s very visual and colour-coded, I think the chefs have certainly got into their own momentum, understanding that ‘red’ means a task is urgent while ‘amber’ is more relaxed. This allows them to prioritise what’s actually in front of them. It doesn’t compensate for a human being on the pass who needs to communicate and pull together the stuff that isn’t on the screen – but in terms of things being dealt with in a timely manner, it’s most definitely helped.

What about benefits to the restaurant as a business and to your customers?

I think it’s too early to assess any financial benefits from the system, but as for the customers, the knock on effect of the kitchen behaving in a more timely, consistent and structured manner means that – though the customer might not realise it – there’s a more seamless service.

When do you plan on measuring the performance?

That will be when we get a bit busier. As we move through the autumnal months we’ll be able to assess that more regularly.

What does the future hold for Temper in terms of technology?

We are definitely testing the water with this, but we are looking to build more restaurants, so, I guess because we have a restaurant with the technology and one without it, we can definitely benchmark where we think it benefits our business. So I guess we’ll have some more clarity on that towards Christmas and we’ll decide how to roll it out.

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