25% of Brits take under 15 minutes for lunch

25% of Brits take under 15 minutes for lunch

wagamama has launched a new app called wagamamago in response to the demand for quick mealtimes following the restaurant’s Lunch Report, which revealed that 25% of Brits take under 15 minutes for lunch and 30% under 25 minutes.

The trend for these shorter meal times has led to the under 15-minute lunch to be recognised as the Nano lunch, and under 25-minute lunch as the Micro lunch.

Just 17% of Brits take a 60-minute lunch break.

The new wagamamago app, in partnership with MasterCard, aims to save customers an average of 12 minutes at every meal, with cashless payment taken automatically, similar to the way people use Uber.

Time seems to be of prime importance to customers, with half of those surveyed refusing to wait longer than six minutes in a queue for food. Waiting for a table and waiting for the bill are also the biggest pet hates at lunchtime with 23% of restaurant customers.

With an average of 54% of people eating out at least once a week, this amounts to 11 hours a year waiting to pay.

The research showed that almost 40% of Brits will use technology to speed up elements of life in general, and one in 10 regularly rely on technology when eating out at lunch.