Glaswegians are the UK's most generous tippers

Glaswegians are the UK's most generous tippers

Glasgow has overtaken London as the UK city with the biggest tippers while dining out, with Glaswegians leaving an average £5.33, while the London tip has fallen 12% in three years to £5.01.

Overall, the national average tip has increased from £4.18 in 2015 to £4.51 in 2018.

While London’s tip has fallen, Nottingham is in fact the most frugal region with the average tip coming in at £3.22, with one in five diners admitting to never leaving a tip.

Liverpool is the city most likely to leave a tip at 97.5%.

Belfast is a new entry on the biggest tipping cities list with an average increase of 30%, giving it second in the UK. Norwich has also increased, climbing 36% from £3.43 to £4.68.

With the emergence of a cashless dining age, 58% of UK diners confirmed they prefer to pay for their meal by card, but cash is preferred by 72% when it comes to tipping, with 32% saying it is easier to work out when splitting the bill with friends and family.

“Comparing our latest findings to our 2015 research, we’ve found that the UK is a nation of willing tippers, with the national average tip on a steady rise,” says OpenTable Europe vice president Adrian Valeriano. “As cashless payment becomes a trend more restaurants and bars are turning to, it’s interesting to see how the UK are still holding on to tradition and tipping with cash when dining out. We always like to encourage diners to reward excellent service when dining out and tipping is a great way to show your appreciation for a lovely experience.”