LEON to enter USA

LEON to enter USA

LEON has confirmed that it will open its first USA site in Washington D.C. later this summer.

The move is led by LEON co-founder and CEO John Vincent as he aims to introduce naturally fast food to America.

USA customers will be able to choose from a menu inspired by the Mediterranean food culture. The brand will also be operating with 100% renewable energy and without plastic straws and cutlery, and will be serving more plant-based dishes, as it has implemented in the UK.

“Since starting LEON in Carnaby Street in 2004, we have been helping people fall back in love with fast food. From the start, we asked ourselves ‘why can’t fast food be good food?’,” says Vincent. “LEON is our best attempt at creating fast food as it might be in heaven. Food that tastes naturally great, is remarkably good for you, is affordable for all, and is kind to the planet.”

“D.C. is a wonderful city and I can’t wait to begin our American adventure here. We chose D.C. as our entry point into the US market because of its culturally creative mindset, pedestrian-friendly landscape, and ‘foodie-lifestyle’. Choosing the first American city is like trying to choose from your favorite box of chocolates. After D.C. we are looking forward to opening in other cities that have a similar culture of dynamism, positivity and possibility.”

Former LEON operations director Glenn Edwards has been appointed managing director of LEON US and has moved to Washington to oversee the new opening.

“We are excited about the challenges ahead,” says Edwards. “We’ve always wanted LEON to be in many cities around the world. Washington D.C. is a great city to start our U.S. journey; it’s such a vibrant, fun, positive city to be in. The response we’ve had to far to the brand, the food and the design has been hugely enthusiastic. We’re excited to get cracking.”

Washington D.C. is the fourth international city for LEON, following Oslo, Amsterdam and Utrecht, with plans to expand across Europe.