Time-poor consumers and mobile apps drive delivery

Time-poor consumers and mobile apps drive delivery

Restaurant delivery is on the rise as fewer people have time to cook food at home due to work and social commitments, new research by Deliveroo has revealed.

Analysis by consumer insights firm Morar HPI found that busier home lives, changing work patterns and the pressure of raising a family with work are key reasons for ordering meals at home, as the number of people cooking at home has decreased from 94% to 89%.

Over the past six months, the proportion of people ordering food for delivery has increased 5% to 36%.

Delivery is most popular with the younger generation, with almost 30% of under 30s ordering food for delivery, compared to 6% of over 50s.

The popularity of on-demand video is influencing the number of delivery orders, as the research finds that 67% of people consumed their last delivery in front of the TV, while only 18% sat at the table.

The increased use of mobile technology is further driving delivery, with 46% of consumers now ordering food via a website or app, up 8% since July 2017, compared to 36% that order by phone, down 5% since July 2017.

The research argues that delivery is not discouraging people from eating out, with Morar’s brand tracker finding the proportion of people eating out each week has remained stable at 60%, while carry out and cooking are in decline -10% and -5% respectively.

Furthermore, 76% of people are likely to dine at a restaurant if they have previously had a good experience of online delivery from there.

Over half who have visited restaurants less often in the past six months have also ordered fewer takeaways, while those who have eaten out more have a higher propensity to order food delivery, suggesting that disposable income is a key influence in dining habits.

Indeed, of the 4,000 people surveyed, over three-quarters said that cost is the largest barrier to dining out more regularly.

“People are ordering delivery more and more because of busy lives and the increased options available,” says Deliveroo UK managing director Dan Warne. “Getting something delivered is no longer a one-off treat, but an affordable solution full of healthy choices for more occasions; from breakfast to late night meals.

“Customers still want the restaurant experience to socialise and celebrate, which is why eating out remains broadly stable. But when people spend the night at home, whether they are back late from work or are choosing a night in with a boxset, delivery means more opportunities for our restaurant partners. We are proud that our growth boosts others.”

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