Third of millennials eating out less than a year ago

Third of millennials eating out less than a year ago

Over a third (34%) of millennials are eating out less than a year ago, with 60% saying this is a result of wanting to save money and 14% because of worries about Brexit.

The findings have been reported in Flyt’s Dining Out Isn’t Dead, following a YouGov poll commissioned by the technology platform, which aims to demonstrate how technology could improve the dining experience and encourage millennials to eat out more.

According to the report, 40% of millennials want to be able to book a table via an app or social media, while 32% want to be able to use their smartphone to get more accurate wait times for a table.

Over a quarter (26%) want to be able to order food on a tablet provided by the restaurant or even on their own device. A further 24% would like to see technology introduced that guarantees that their order is correct, with confirmation sent to their smartphone.

More than one in five (22%) would like to be able to tip directly into a waiter’s bank account, and the same amount want to see personalised menus based on dietary requirements.

Almost one in five (18%) want to see the same amount of ingredient information with delivery companies as you would get in a restaurant, and 17% want to be able to leave detailed feedback easily online.

Around one in seven (15%) would like technology that helps them find out the source of ingredients in a dish, and one in 10 (11%) want technology to streamline operations so they can eat out quicker.

“These top ‘dream tech’ solutions put forward by millennials underline the rapid digital transformation of our society,” says Flyt CEO Tom Weaver. “Restaurants can no longer look at technology as optional – integrating it in the right way is now critical to attract diners. However, I’m quite surprised that millennials’ most desired ‘dream tech’ solution is the ability to book a table via a social media platform. This tech is already widely available in many restaurants – but perhaps they aren’t publicising it well enough.”

The report also found that paying the bill is one of the biggest pains for 45% of Brits, with 18-24-year olds more frustrated than older generations when they are not able to split the bill easily (21%).

“Technology which enables diners to pay quickly and split the bill fairly has been around for a while now,” adds Weaver. “When you look at how frustrated people are with the current dining out experience, it’s time for more of the industry to invest in this sort of technology. Streamlining service and creating a brilliant experience, it seems, is everything.”