Londoners travel up to two hours for good food

Londoners travel up to two hours for good food

New research by dish review app Eaten has found that 27% of Londoners are willing to travel for up to an hour to quench a particular food craving, with 6% saying they will travel up to two hours.

A total of 94% said that a lack of accessibility doesn’t faze them when looking to get hold of a particular dish or cuisine.

Females living south of the Thames aged between 35 and 44 were found to be most willing to travel the furthest (up to two hours) to track down the best version of their most loved dish.

The research also looked at the importance of aesthetics over flavour, finding that 96% of Londoners would shun attractive plates for great taste.

When asked what they most loved about food, 51% chose taste, 11% said indulgence and 8% said a sentimental connection.

Almost two-thirds (62%) only trust the opinions of fellow locals for advice when eating out in the city, while 16% trust website reviews and 6% rely on social media influence.

“The traditional ‘star rating’ review method is far too generalised and, at the same time, personalised,” says Eaten COO and co-founder Jeeho Park. “When people write reviews, it’s based on so many personal factors: they may give one star as the waiter wasn’t very attentive, or they might give five stars as they got a free piece of cake with ‘Happy Birthday John’ written in chocolate on the plate – but this isn’t relevant for those just wanting to know what they thought of the cheeseburger.”