Tableware worth £186m stolen from venues

Tableware worth £186m stolen from venues

New research has found that 17m Brits have stolen tableware from a bar or restaurant, amounting to a cost of £186m.

While 36% have at least one or two stolen cups or glasses in their home, in the survey by Nisbets, a staggering 3m admit that every single item of crockery, glassware, cutlery and soft tableware such as napkins in their home is stolen.

One in 10 have at least one or two pieces of stolen cutlery.

It is the younger generation who are the biggest offenders, with 34% of 18 to 24-year-olds admitting to stealing tableware and 26% having at least one or two stolen items in their home.

People aged 54 and over are the most likely to steal condiments, with 30% often swiping sachets and bottles.

Furthermore, 4m admitted to stealing from a venue more than once a week.

When it comes to location, tableware in Bristol seems to be the safest, with 90% of Bristolians saying they have never stolen tableware. In contrast, every single person surveyed in Belfast admitted that they have at least one or two stolen cups or glasses, followed by 89% of Leeds and 80% of Edinburgh.

The survey also found that broken plates and glasses account for approximately £2,000 in lost revenue per business per year – an average of 10 glasses and two plates per week.