New research reveals admin strain on operators

New research reveals admin strain on operators

A new survey has revealed that over a quarter of hospitality operations spend nearly one day a week on administration.

The survey, commissioned by Access Hospitality, found that the average time spent on admin was 5.49 hours a week, but 14.42% said it was between seven and eight hours and 14.88% said it was more than one day.

Admin tasks may well be taking time away from other important aspects of the business, with 56% saying they would choose to devote more resource to focusing on guest experience if time on admin could be reduced by two hours a week.

Further to this, 44% said they would pay more attention to training staff, 28% to engaging front of house and 23% to driving customer loyalty.

Nearly a third (29%) of people surveyed said that they are looking to improve customer service by introducing technology as part of their menu engineering programme. The same proportion are also looking at technology to aid improved data reporting, while 33% see implementation of customer loyalty apps in the next year as a boost to improving customer service.

“It’s worrying to see that so many hospitality operators are still caught up in admin tasks that take them away from interacting with their customers when there is a wealth of technology, tools and apps available to help them manage their business and reduce admin time,” says Henry Seddon, Managing Director of Access Hospitality. “This is an area in which Access Hospitality works closely with its customers and the survey highlights why it’s so important for us to continue to apply the right technology solutions to help reduce the time they spend on admin, giving them freedom to add more value to their operational demands.

“But our survey also revealed that, whilst improving overall profitability was the number one priority for the next 12 months (62%), guest and employee experience also rated highly. Where operators recognise that using technology to break free from the burden of back office duties, they are therefore in the best position possible to work with staff and customers to offer the best experience of its type in their venues. As they face increased pressure on recruiting and retaining skilled staff as well as menu engineering, technology is poised to make an even bigger impact on how they manage their business.”