Brits really are creatures of habit, finds new report

Brits really are creatures of habit, finds new report

More than one-third (38%) of Brits only try new venues to eat or drink at less than once a year, according to new research from BLACKBX.

The report reveals that half of respondents only try new venues when given a prompt such as a promotional deal or recommendation.

However, Londoners are more likely to try new venues more often – 69% said they try a new venue every month or whenever a new one opens. One in five said they only go to their favourite venue on special occasions.

The report also found that people seem to be just as willing to leave online reviews for positive experiences as they are negative experiences, with 36% saying they had reviewed their favourite restaurant and 35% saying they had left a review of their worst experience.

“On the whole, people are rarely as brave or adventurous as they’d like to think – we are all creatures of habit,” says Patrick Clover, BLACKBX founder and CEO. “People spend their entire lives going to the same venues over and over again out of routine, yet many are desperate to break the cycle. Thankfully all it takes is the right promotion, a good review or a suggestion from a friend and even the most unadventurous people will brave new experiences.”