Diners call for carbon footprint info on menus

Diners call for carbon footprint info on menus

New research has found that three in four diners would prefer to eat in a restaurant that displays carbon footprint information on menus, so that they can make more informed decisions over what they eat.

More than three-quarters (78%) of people said they’d like to reduce their environmental impact by making more informed choices on their food when eating out.

There is particular pressure on large restaurant chains, with 90% believing that these businesses have a responsibility to do all they can to help the environment.

“Eager to reduce their carbon footprint, consumers are asking questions about the content and origin of the food they consume and the impact on their health and the environment,” says James Bagshaw, co-founder of E.Mission which commissioned the research. “No longer is allergy and nutritional information enough on menus, consumers are hungry to learn more about sustainable eating.

“Your sustainable menu can offer a healthy margin to your business, help to drive footfall of ethical consumers and improve your brand perception as a responsible, environmentally aware operator.”