Pizza Pilgrims announces The Pizza Academy

Pizza Pilgrims announces The Pizza Academy

In 2020, Pizza Pilgrims founders James and Thom Elliot will launch The Pizza Academy in central London.

The training programme will aim to give young people a range of skills to pursue a career in hospitality and negate the perception that it is a temporary industry to be a part of.

It will offer free courses for anyone looking to enter the industry and deliver in-depth training for Pizza Pilgrims employees.

The courses vary in length and range from waiting and managing through to making Neapolitan pizza. There will also be a programme of lectures from industry experts and weekend courses for part-time students.

At the end of each course, students will have the option to work for Pizza Pilgrims or be introduced to other businesses in the brothers’ network.

Applications for The Pizza Academy open this autumn and are open to individuals aged 16 and over.