Pizza Express launches golden dough ball hunt

Pizza Express launches golden dough ball hunt

Pizza Express has launched a month-long treasure hunt to celebrate its 50th birthday.

In a Willy-Wonka style competition with a twist, customers are on the hunt for golden dough balls.

There are 50 of them out there, and each is worth £1,000.

For anyone that finds a golden dough ball, winners will receive an ‘ultimate gift card’ loaded with £1,000 to spend at Pizza Express.

The treasure hunt is running for the whole of September, with dough balls hidden in locations across the UK including London, Birmingham, Glasgow, Manchester, Liverpool, Belfast and Cardiff.

Deliveroo will also have some of the golden dough balls hidden in Pizza Express orders.

Pizza Express is also offering bottomless dough balls when customers order a bottle of prosecco anytime during September.

“In 1969 our passionate pizzaiolos accidentally invented an icon and half a century later our delicious Dough Balls are still on a roll!” says Zoe Bowley, managing director at Pizza Express. “To celebrate this epic milestone, we’re unleashing a month of spherical shenanigans this September. Join us for free, unlimited Dough Balls with every bottle of Prosecco in our pizzerias nationwide this month; join the hunt for our Golden Dough Balls and don’t forget to keep an eye out for those shimmering beauties in your Deliveroo orders.”