F&B driving retail footfall at leisure destinations

F&B driving retail footfall at leisure destinations

New research has revealed that almost one in 10 trips to regional malls are driven primarily by F&B or leisure.

While the figure drops to one in 20 visits for retail and shopping parks, overall, 7% of visits to all retail destinations are F&B or leisure-led.

Significantly for retail brands and owners of retail destinations, 50% of those people visiting primarily for F&B or leisure go on to spend on retail. What’s more, anyone that spends on F&B during a visit has a 48% higher retail spend during their trip compared to visitors who are the just to shop.

The research from CACI, which utilises its database of 800,000 customer-facing surveys from across the UK, also highlights differences in consumer behaviour across the UK. In the north west, for example, the number of F&B or leisure-led visitors that go on to spend on retail increases to 62%. By contrast, in London, the figure drops to 34% due to the level of competition in the capital.

“Our latest research once again highlights that all is far from lost for retail and leisure destinations,” says John Platt, director of CACI Property Consulting Group. “By thinking laterally and recognising there are other key reasons why consumers visit locations beyond retail, landlords can drive additional spend in stores.”