Families remain key to casual dining success

Families remain key to casual dining success

Restaurateurs are hiring staff with childcare experience in order to accommodate the family dining market, according to a recent study.

The strategy recognises the 1.7m children in the UK who prefer dining out as a marked improvement to their parents’ home cooking.

The research, conducted by Caterer.com, found that the family dining market has evolved to a point where over half (57%) of the revenue of the restaurateurs surveyed came from families alone. More than half (63%) look for staff with childcare experience, offer one-off training (19%), or regular childcare training (58%) in order to deal with families.

Parents are grateful for this support, as 32% struggle to get their children to behave at restaurants. Nevertheless, dining out is used by parents as a way to reward their kids (53%) or spend quality time together (51%).

UK families don’t seem to mind forking out a healthy average of £42 per family meal, or £2,184 a year.

Despite this, 67% of parents felt restaurants needed to accommodate families better, and almost two thirds of parents (61%) didn’t think children’s menus were up to scratch when it came down to offering a variety of food options.