Feature: The Coffee Report

Feature: The Coffee Report

We’ve teamed up with our research partners Savanta to bring you the latest exclusive consumer habits when it comes to drinking coffee on the high street.

Like craft beer, vegan food and, these days, no/low-alcohol drinks, coffee is one of those omnipresent entities that hospitality operators can’t afford to treat with tokenism. Remember when Wetherspoon’s cottoned onto the coffee craze?

All of a sudden its annual sales figures were being carried by caffeine, as consumers began to treat the sites as cafés, ordering macchiatos on the move or settling in for a fairly decent cappuccino. But are we still infatuated with all things coffee? One thing is for sure, consumers have never been so spoilt for choice, as big chain menus continue to adapt and evolve through the addition of new serves, styles and supplements.

“Can I have a cortado, but with an extra decaf shot and also just a splash of pumpkin-spiced oat milk?”

Sure thing you can! You can pretty much have whatever your heart and head desires when it comes to coffee.

However, if your business isn’t a café or a coffee shop and you’re not prepared to send your team on rigorous barista training courses when there is food, wine, beer and spirits to be studied, what do you do? You can’t stock everything! Well, The Coffee Report can assist you.

Once again partnering with our friends at research agency Savanta, we’ve spoken with just under 1,000 consumers aged between 16 and 74 about a recent coffee experience. By this, we mean consuming a coffee on the high street within the last two weeks.

From there, we asked them a whole heap of questions about the experience – how often they drink it, where they drink it, how much they spend, what style they prefer and so on. We’re going to break down some of the key areas that hospitality operators should know about when it comes to serving their customers coffee, based on the buying behaviour of those guests.

This should provide a solid foundation of facts that can be used to tinker and tailor a coffee offer across any high street business. So, let’s jump in, shall we?