JKS Restaurants launches retail platform

JKS Restaurants launches retail platform

JKS Restaurants, the group of restaurants operated by Jyotin, Karam and Sunaina Sethi, has today (12 October) launched its Ambassador General Store concept – a new retail platform offering restaurant-prepared, premium Indian meal boxes, ready-to-eat dishes and drinks, delivered to homes nationwide.

Ambassador General Store is launching with a selection of meal boxes and ready-to-eat dishes from Michelin-starred Gymkhana and Trishna as well as Indian barbecue restaurant Brigadiers.

The meal box experiences will reflect each restaurant’s style, while also offering a range of wine, beer and cocktails through the platform’s Indian off-license Daru Shop.

Over the coming weeks the group will continue to develop the store offering with celebratory Diwali and Christmas specials and new beer and cocktail collaborations.

“Ambassador General Store by JKS is an idea we’ve had for a while, but we’ve never had the time or the bandwidth to really bring it to life until now,” the group said in a statement.

“We’ve launched with signature meal boxes from each restaurant and look forward to adding many more kits to the store portfolio over the coming months.”

All meal boxes and individual dishes are suitable for cooks of all abilities.

All produce is prepared in the respective restaurant kitchen, with detailed assembly instructions provided in print format.

Customers will be able to pre-order from the Ambassador General Store from the Monday 12 October, with the first deliveries arriving at customers’ homes on Friday 23 October.

Premium meal boxes

An example of the premium meal boxes available includes the Gymkhana Experience, which is priced at £140 for four people, includes poppadoms and chutneys; gol guppas, jal jeera; kid goat methi keema, salli, pao; tandoori masala lamb chops; wild muntjac biryani, pomegranate and mint raita; dal maharani; makai saag and garlic naans.

A Gymkhana Club Experience box (£200 for four people) will also be available, which will pair an exclusive beverage experience alongside the feast.

The drinks offering includes four pink gin and tonics, plus a bottle of red wine.

The Sethi’s restaurants include Trishna and Gymkhana; Hoppers in Soho, Marylebone and King’s Cross; Brigadiers and delivery-only Motu Indian Kitchen.

JKS partner restaurants include Kitchen Table, Lyle’s, Sabor, Berenjak, BAO, Flor and delivery-only offering Rice Error by BAO.

Their partner retail platforms include BAO Convini, Berenjak Bazaar, Bubbleshop by Sandia Chang, & Home by James Knappett and Sabor en Casa.